Baré Alchemy's bespoke skin care uses scientifically proven natural botanical extracts to create visibly beautiful skin.

The range of premium Baré skin care serums delivers visibly smoother, more radiant skin and essential protection from the aging effects of UV rays.

Baré products use advanced bio-chemistry and molecular biology to act on your skin at the cellular level, providing essential nutrients and stimulating stem cell activity to replenish cells and reverse the signs of ageing.

Let’s go back in time and see how it all started.

Inhabitants from a 60,000 year old culture survived some of the harshest lands on the planet by simply understanding their bodies and the environment around them.

The unforgiving conditions in Australia produce super fruits, such as the Kakadu Plum which has the highest Vitamin C on the planet. On a trip to the tribal lands of Australia, Anoop Mohan discovered not just life-giving botanicals and minerals but also a different way of life, understanding beauty as something that emanates from the inside out.

Biomimicry inspired, scientifically proven, made with love.

Nature’s constant design experiments to adapt to the changing conditions around it inspires us to create solutions that are beautiful yet functional. Shaped as a dewdrop falling from a leaf, our bottles symbolize the purest gifts of nature.

Inspired by reeds in water, our applicator uses a semi-capillary effect to lift just the right amount of serum from the bottle; while the rubber stopper that keeps the serum sealed and fresh is inspired by old apothecaries.

Our bottles are made of recycled glass that is frosted to safeguard the purest botanical ingredients.

We created our bespoke serums from the natural gifts of this land that are easily understood and absorbed by our bodies and we hope they inspire you to pursue good health over everything else.

The inspiration behind Baré.

Jeanne Baré was the first woman to go around the world. In the spirit of the unparalleled adventuress, we too search the globe for plants with amazing properties, and explore health traditions passed on from generation to generation to bring you the precious natural secrets we discover. So here’s a vial of thousands of years of wisdom, handpicked from the source. Finding the one for yourself should be easy, because after all, nature always had something for everyone.

The Baré range contains no parabens, phthalates, sulphates, petroleum-based products, silicones, synthetic fragrances, GMO, animal derived products, or artificial coloring.

Made in Australia using the most effective natural ingredients from around the world, Baré is animal cruelty free and uses green packaging practices, local sourcing, ethical labour, and organic products wherever possible.