Why We Love FemTech!

Women out there, you are beautiful. Every part of you is pure and never ever let anyone tell you that you are not important. That your health is not worth paying attention to, because it is and you deserve to have complete control over it. For this very reason, there is a sudden rise in FemTech – a term coined by Ida Tin, the CEO of a period tracking app called Clue.

What is FemTech though? At the heart of it, Femtech is any technology geared towards improving women's lives. Because women deserve more than just the 50s pills invention, you know. With changing times, women are realising that their overall health is related to their menstrual cycle and fertility. There are apps that can help keep tab of the changes in a women’s cycle and also suggest tips to improve their health. There are apps that also help track pregnancies and some can even let the mother hear her child’s heartbeat without having to visit the doctor. There are birth control apps, apps that cater to pelvic floor exercises and so on too.

There are many reasons why we are absolutely in love with the focused vision of many FemTech companies and here are a couple of reasons that we’d like to share with you!

FemTech Delivers Foresight

Through apps, women can understand their body and keep a better tab on its functioning. They can learn from the insights and make the most of the suggestions to diagnose issues through those very insights. For instance, by tracking the period cycle, a woman can tell her doctor if her periods are abnormal. This reduces the waiting time and the doctor can use the data from the app to make a more precise diagnosis and suggest the right treatment too.

Not just that, it helps women have more control over their health and it lets them gain a lot of knowledge about their body.

Shares Information

The apps are designed to collect data and share insights to the end users, who are women. Women can choose to share this data with their male partners, who can try and help understand women better. Some apps share this data with scientists and researchers who can use this information to come up with better solutions! Instead of suggesting that the topic is taboo, the world is taking notice! So, all in all, its leading to more development for the good of a woman’s overall health.

Empowers Women

FemTech helps women make better decisions, when it comes to their bodies and even pregnancies. They have better control over their body when they are better informed. That makes it easier to focus on their health, happiness and future too!

The more women use FemTech, the more they will realise that it has been built to improve their lives. And this movement will become a regular affair, till then all we have to do is spread the word. To encourage the development of technology that can change how women deal with their health.

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