Why Queen Maker Anjula Acharia is a Baré Woman

Let’s get to know Anjula the way the world does, through her Insta Bio!

“Early stage investor, Manager @PriyankaChopra, Billboard Int Power Player, Vanity Fair Next Gen List, ELLE Mag's TopWomenInTech, #IGetItDone”

We believe there’s no task that’s impossible for this Baré Woman. And we’ll also take the liberty to add a few things to that Bio – an entrepreneur, a pop culture enthusiast, an animal lover and a philanthropist; Anjula is also a Partner @Trinity Ventures!

Now that we’ve got the introductions in place, let’s tell you why we feel Anjula Acharia is a Baré Woman.

Her Experiences Shaped Her Path

In a candid interview with Forbes, Anjula spoke about the racism she faced as a child, “It was really tough growing up, there were no South Asians where we lived. It was a leafy green suburb of England, and there was zero diversity for miles. People did not really understand our family and I guess they just relied on what they saw on TV or heard about South Asians to inform their decision on who we were.”

Cut to today, where Anjula Acharia Bath has introduced some of the most popular South Asian faces to the west and vice versa. Let’s not forget how she made it possible for the Pussycat Dolls to collaborate with A.R.Rahman and brought Lady Gaga to India; all of this at a time when not a lot of people took risks like this. People advised Anjula about Indian culture and how Lady Gaga’s bold persona would be a little too much for them to handle; but imagine if she would have listened to them.

How She Influences Society

Anjula believes that pop culture must embrace diversity. Priyanka Chopra’s role in Quantico was a step in that very direction. Her aim was to make young girls from different ethnicities feel included. She also spoke about how this shift in pop culture will change the way society views women; that brave, bold and kick-ass women are going to pave the way for millions and pop culture can be their platform.

Not just for South Asian women, Anjula is standing up for women across all ethnicities. She sees the potential in Silicon Valley and wants to address the gender gap by making it possible for women to explore their true potential.

Breaking Cultural Stereotypes

Anjula is well aware of the impact a culture can have on its people, which is why she endeavors to mentor the youth and bring a wave of lasting change in perspectives. “Fear is just a false illusion and magic is possible if you believe in it.” – Anjula Acharia Bath when asked to advice her 18-year-old self and we couldn’t agree more!

Her Impressive Career

Some of the amazing ventures Anjula believes in and we do too!

Girls Who Code – Founded by Reshma Saujani, this NGO aims to support and increase the number of girls and women in tech.

TheMuse.com – Founded by Kathryn Minshew, this is a recruitment platform for women belonging to diverse ethnicities.

ClassPass – Founded by Payal Kadakia and Mary Biggins, is a company that lets users take group fitness classes in a variety of gyms for one monthly fee.

Here are a few of the other companies Anjula Acharia works with as an advisor and early stage investor - Hooked, Bulletproof Coffee, Gobble, Foundermade, Mayvenn, Cue, Yumi, Thrive Causemetics, Skinney Dipped and HealthAid Kombucha.

Some of her achievements have led Anjula to be named on:

  •         Billboard’s ‘Top 40 Women in Music’ List
  •         Vanity Fair’s ‘Next Establishment’ List as a “Titan disrupting media, technology and culture”
  •         Elle Magazine's Power Women in Tech
  •         ADWEEK's Disruptor List

Anjula’s secret weapon is probably her not knowing or following the rules, she simply believes in breaking them. As an entrepreneur who is keen to disrupt existing norms and do things differently, we’re definitely on the same page!

Picture Credits - marieclaire.com

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