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Why Having A Pet Is the Best Decision You’ve Ever Made!

Aren’t pets just wonderful? Be it that darling puppy you just adopted or the goldfish that loves playing staring matches with you, let’s admit it our pets are our world. For many, they are sometimes even more important than family. But did you know that pets can drastically improve our lives too? Yup, here are five ways how our furry friends make life better:

1. You Tend to Exercise More Often

This one’s a no-brainer. Whether it’s taking your dog for a walk or chasing after your cat at home, you’re burning more calories than you think. This also reduces the time you spend on the couch, so that’s definitely a plus point. For those who don’t like to exercise, pets make it fun. And, the more you exercise, the healthier you are.

2. Reduces Stress

Having a pet is a great stress buster. Researchers at the University of Buffalo studied the effect pets had on stress. They divided stock brokers into two groups where one half was given dogs and cats as pets. This group showed a significantly lesser amount of stress when compared to the group that did not have pets. Less stress helps maintain your blood pressure as well as improves the condition of people suffering from any heart disease.

3. Curbs Feelings of Negativity and Loneliness

Pets tend to offer a sense of belonging. Just petting or cuddling them is enough to comfort yourself and really make your day. A study in the Psychology Today showed that pets showed similar effects as that of a best friend when it came to reducing negative feelings. Pets also offer unconditional love and are never judgmental. This makes them the perfect support system and keeps you from ever feeling lonely.

4. Great for Kids!

According to a study published in the Clinical & Experimental Allergy Journal, kids exposed to animals before they turn a year old have a lesser chance of developing allergies towards animals and asthma later in life. Also, when animals are around, kids tend to view each other more positively. This makes them more accepting towards other kids who are different.

5. Improves Self-Esteem and Social Relations

Pets are social magnets, and they make for excellent natural conversation starters (especially with other animal lovers). As per a research paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, pet owners exhibited stronger self-esteem and were more likely to be outgoing than those who didn’t have pets. Still wondering how to start a conversation with pets in it? Why, you could even use this article as a talking point to get your friends who don’t have a pet to join the pet owners’ club.

Sure, some may argue that there are other ways like retail therapy that also help you exercise, reduce stress or increase social interactions. But, having a pet makes it a lot more fun and also is definitely a lot more satisfying.

So, how does your pet make your day, tell us in the comments below.  And if you don’t have one, when are you adopting your new four-legged friend?
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