Why Dry Shampoo Is the Next Big Thing

Haircare is at an all-time high priority for the 21st century woman. We’re always finding ways to maintain thick, voluminous, shiny & healthy hair. There are many ways to avoid common hair problems like frizzy hair, split ends, oiliness or dryness. Here’s an essential item that’s gaining popularity in the haircare department - dry shampoos! We're going to talk about everything connected with the dry shampoo before and after routine.

You must’ve heard of it at some point - talc based sulphate free dry shampoos that you can use to literally clean your hair without washing it with water. We know, that can sound a little too odd or even unhygienic for some. But trust us when we say this - if used properly, it works wonders as an additional tool in your weekly haircare routine! So, let's look at some dry shampoo benefits.

What Dry Shampoos Do

Washing hair is problematic as it strips away the scalp & your hair of essential oils, and is usually followed by a blow-dry & straight-ironing routine that damages your hair. The effort of washing hair that’s only been recently pampered can get cumbersome, so a good organic dry shampoo can help eliminate that. By gently massaging the powder into your hair & scalp, it strips away the excess oil. All you have to do is comb after massaging & voila! Your hair looks & smells as fresh as ever. Many people prefer using dry shampoo for volume on clean hair.

Want to know why it’s the next big thing? Here’s our list of reasons why you need to check out!

Less Frequent Salon Visits

Paid a bomb for your last salon blow-out? It’s a bummer when your hair’s bounce fades away with a wash or two right after. But you can avoid that with dry shampoo, as it keeps your scalp oil-free and puts off the need for hair washes.

If you like to sport a hair colour, dry shampoos are the best! They slow down color fade by skipping frequent shampooing. Swap out an odd day or two to let your colour last for a longer duration.

Adds Volume to Your Hair

Here’s a trick you can use after a head shower - use volumizing dry shampoo on damp hair, then blow dry to get full, voluminous hair. The dry shampoo swells the strands & makes your hair look thicker, fuller! It also prevents your hair from becoming too dry, keeping that natural shine last through the week.

Saves Time & Effort on the Go

Love working out but hate the messy hair afterwards? Don’t skip the gym, just spritz some dry shampoo & comb after your post-workout shower. You’ll be amazed how quickly it’ll take away all that extra moisture & dampness!

Getting ready in the mornings is also a great bonus. When you’re short on time & can’t do a shampoo-condition-blow dry routine, say hello to dry shampoo. It also adds staying power to your braids, messy bun or hairstyles that are usually hard to keep in place.

Need we convince you anymore? Try & know for yourself - Baré Alchemy’s All Natural Cleansing Hair Mist/Dry Shampoo. Enriched with Biotin and Coconut Oil, it moisturizes, promotes thickness and growth and is perfect for use before blow drying, roller sets and iron styling.

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