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Why Dark Chocolate Might Actually Be Good for You!

Do you love dark chocolate? Then you’ll be pleased to know the health benefits of indulging in it! With just three magic ingredients cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and sugar; you get the rich goodness of dark chocolate. This superfood is super rich in nutrients, antioxidants and is regarded as one of the healthiest chocolate options there is! Want to get to know this superfood a little better, we’re game!


You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that a bar of pure, rich dark chocolate contains a ton of nutrients. Ranging from copper, iron, magnesium to manganese, potassium, zinc, selenium and even phosphorous! The fats present in a slab of dark chocolate are mostly saturated and monounsaturated, which are better than trans-fat. So, how much of dark chocolate should you consume in a day? Though there are good fats in dark chocolate, this does not mean you indulge in a whole slab of dark chocolate every single day! Remember anything in excess can have more negative effects than positive. So, a couple of bites is good, but not an entire slab.

Powerhouse of Antioxidants

Cocoa beans and dark chocolate are world renowned for their composition of antioxidants. These include polyphenols, flavanols and catechins! Antioxidants help reduce the risk of strokes and other disorders. They also help keep your blood cholesterol level and blood pressure in check. Know what else the antioxidants in dark chocolate do? Dark chocolate has many skin benefits too. They help protect your skin from free radical damage! All the more reason to fall in love with it!

Reduces Heart Risks

Did you know that the compounds in dark chocolate have properties that can drastically reduce the risk of a heart disease? As these compounds prevent cholesterol from lodging in the arteries to quite an extent, which is great for weight loss. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume dark chocolate in limited quantities have shown signs of reduced risk from heart diseases. So, yet another reason for you to have a sweet or slightly bitter tooth.

Skin Protection

Some bioactive compounds found in dark chocolate have the potential to protect your skin. A component called flavanols can protect your skin against sun damage. It can also improve blood flow to the skin and increase skin hydration too. So, if you’re constantly exposed to the sun, you can use a sunscreen, wear long-sleeve clothes, use an umbrella and also have a bite of dark chocolate every other day.

Brain Function

Studies also indicate that dark chocolate may prove to be beneficial to the brain. It can improve the blood flow to the brain and improve cognitive functions too. When it comes to short-term benefits, the caffeine and theobromine present in dark chocolate can have an immediate effect on your brain as they are essentially stimulants.

Mood Booster

You’ve probably experienced how dark chocolate can completely change your mood for the better. This is because dark chocolate helps in the production of endorphins, which are essentially produced by our brain cells. These endorphins are known to alleviate the mood and stimulate the brain cells too! This is why dark chocolate has the potential to relax a person and become one of the fondest stressbusters! 

Women, time to make the most of these dark chocolate benefits!

After reading all the plus points and benefits of consuming dark chocolate, have you made up your mind to pick a week-long stash of this magic ingredient? Or do you already have a stash that can last longer! Who knew healthy food, could be this delicious, right? So, make the most of the nutrition loaded in dark chocolate! 

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