Why Cruelty-Free, Vegan Skincare Is The Future

For countless years, the cosmetics & skincare industry has been built on exploitation of animals with cruel testing practices that have slowly been exposed & shelved over the past few decades. Even though policies have changed & brands have become more conscious & aware, there still goes a long way to changing the mindset of the consumer.

Here's why Baré thinks you need to move to vegan skincare brands and products, as responsible consumers of the present & future!

Animal Testing Is Cruel & Inhumane

The animals being tested upon in laboratories are kept in tiny cages, tortured, maimed, blinded, barely fed & cared for in unhygienic conditions and ultimately killed when the testing is complete. They are exposed to toxic chemicals & are observed for after effects & suffer till they meet a painful end. This is unethical & exactly the reason why such barbaric practices need to end. Supporting cruelty free products is the way to go. 

Better Alternatives Exist in 2018

Why test toxic substances when natural, harmless & Eco friendly ingredients are aplenty? There are innumerable ingredients that we at Baré use, which are 100% natural & do not require any form of such testing. Technologically, for meeting regulations & product standards, in-vitro testing, cultured cell tissues as well as computer models are used for cruelty free product tests & safety checks. There's always a better, scientific way to do this!

Laws Are Changing Worldwide

Many countries have already banned animal testing for cosmetics on finished products and ingredients. The European Union, Israel, India, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, and New Zealand have all banned animal testing. The bans have also encourages other countries, where the law isn't in place to look for alternatives. Lab animals like mice, chicken & rats have an equal right to live a dignified, natural life that domestic animals like cats & dogs live. Especially without the human inflicted suffering that laboratory testing brings.

You Contribute to a Better Future

The consumer always has the power to change the market. By only buying cruelty free products, we minimize waste, reduce suffering & overall contribute to the environment, as vegan products are also usually organic & Eco friendly. Be a responsible consumer, as you alone can eliminate the need for inhuman practices & the damaging excesses of over consumption.

The best part... you support local businesses & independent brands like Baré! We strongly believe in providing carefully crafted, quality products in the market that reflect the consciousness & sensitivity of our consumers. We only hope this trend continues, now that you know why going cruelty free is important. So, let's move into a world that’s truly 100% cruelty free! 

Are you a vegan consumer? Tell us what brands you love in the comments below & make sure you follow the Baré blog for more such content!

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