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Who is the Baré Woman?

Daring, bold and brave, the Baré Woman has identified who she is, what she believes in, and where she wants to go. She is all around us, she is every woman who is striving towards becoming the best version of herself. 

The Baré Woman carries with her the spirit of the original adventurer, Jeanne Baré. She is fearless, fierce and fabulous. She is kind, compassionate and cultured. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty to achieve her goals and she does not shy away from a challenge if it means helping her neighbor, her community or the greater world we live in. 

She is a trailblazer and a pioneer. She seeks out opportunities ahead of the curve and the thrill of the unknown is what propels her forward. She challenges convention and she takes risks. 

She is independent, confident and she is comfortable in her own skin. She does not seek approval, nor does she aspire to perfection. Rather she desires to make the most of the beauty that nature has blessed her with. She realizes that perfection indeed lies in imperfection, and so she celebrates her flaws and works on becoming the best human that she can be, knowing that this is the ultimate way to accentuate her beauty. The Baré Woman is powerful, but she never patronizes. She embraces her power and she uses it to facilitate positive change and progress within her circles, the greater community, and the world. 

The Baré Woman inspires other women. And perhaps, even men. She may or may not be a living legend. She may, or may not, be a star. But she has a story to tell. 

Baré Women are grandmothers, mothers, professionals and sports people. Wherever their focus is, they are influential, appreciated and above all, respectful and respected. She is a beautiful rebel who has shattered prejudices, glass ceilings, and conventions. 

She seeks reliable skincare that delivers results, without the hype and without the aggressive sales pitch. She wants quality but delivered in a trusted, respectful and no-frills manner.

Baré Woman

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