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Which Serum is Best For Me? Oil or Water Based

Serums go that extra mile in moisturizing, clarifying, regenerating and healing the skin at a level deep within the epidermis.

Choosing the right serum base depends upon your skin type, time of the day (morning or night) and season.

Water-based serums absorb much more quickly into the skin, so it is easier to apply makeup on top of a water-based serum, hence they work well in the mornings.

Oil-based serums could be used at night, oils take longer to soak into the skin, but will leave your skin revitalised in the morning. If you have a dry skin, water is the absolute best source to hydrate your skin.

Water-based serum are used for the delivery of water-soluble ingredients like Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid meaning they are easily absorbed into your skin! Serums with botanical oils can help strengthen your skin's protective lipid barrier, which protects your inner layers of skin from the hazards of pollution, dry air and UV rays. You can choose to wear a water-based serum in the summer as it is ultra-light, while botanical-oil based serums could be used during winters!

Baré serums are water-based and infused with botanical oils such as Rosehip Oil. So they hydrate and protect! Using proprietary technology, which breaks down the nutrient molecules only when it reaches the cells, we deliver potent, active ingredients to the very source of the skin complaint, thereby turning around deeply hydrated and healthy skin within as little as four to six weeks.

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