Travel with Baré

There is nothing quite like the liberation of travel. The feeling of freedom waking each morning with nothing before you but discovery and relaxation, each day a fresh chance to be your authentic self and enjoy being alive.

When you leave behind your daily job, your chores around the home, the demands of others on your time; why not leave behind your complicated beauty routine too?

When your days are spent splashing in the ocean, browsing through the local markets and lounging with a book, the last thing you want to be worrying about is a plethora of beauty products that take forever to apply. Forget about packing a bulky beauty bag – just slip your Baré serum into your case and you’re ready for adventure!

Baré Ambrosia serums nourish, cleanse and soothe with carefully selected botanicals from around the globe. The facial serums:

  • Are extremely rich in vitamins and nourishing oils
  • Contain acne fighting, pore cleansing actives such as manuka oil and Nigella sativa
  • Provide soothing botanicals like rosehip oil and roman chamomile
  • Offer a variety of super-effective antioxidants which enhance cellular rejuvenation while protecting the skin from free radicals
  • Include Vitamin C to boost the purifying and exfoliating effect of the serums
  • And contain Hyaluronic Acid for exceptional moisture retention.

This complex natural formulation means that these facial serums support skin health and cellular rejuvenation while improving the clarity of your skin. A simple beauty regime of just this one natural skincare product* ensures that your skin is purified and nourished for a smooth, radiant complexion. Perfect for all those holiday snaps!

Ideal for repairing dry damaged skin after plane travel, changing time zones and sun exposure, the Baré serums provide dramatic cellular rejuvenation so you stay looking fabulous, wherever you go.

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