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The Workout Glow Hidden in My Gym Bag

If there are days when you don’t feel like getting up and working out (trust me I feel the same), here’s a trick that might help you. I always pack my gym bag the previous night. This way I don’t have to worry about finding my things or find an excuse not to hit the gym. I’m revealing all my secrets here, including the one thing that helps me get the perfect workout glow! Read on to find out.

Change of Clothes

I always have something to change into after my workout, because I tend to sweat a lot and don’t feel comfortable staying in the same set. Sometimes, if I have to step out after my workout, I carry a dress that will pair well with my workout shoes and not make my bag too bulky.


This is one of the two things that I absolutely cannot do without. When I know I’m going to have a high intensity workout, I know that I will sweat profusely. And easy access to the deo just takes my mind off things because I know I won’t be anybody’s problem.


Keeping yourself hydrated is one of those things that you must religiously do if you want to avoid cramps and other issues. Two liters of water during the day is a good place to start.


The other most important thing that I cannot do without is my workout glow. And by that, I mean my post-workout serum Revive by Baré Alchemy. It helps reduce the redness of my skin and soothes it too! I quickly wash my face with water, dab it dry with a clean towel and apply the Baré Alchemy Revive serum. Maintaining a skincare routine is always a good idea.


I like listening to fast, upbeat music while working out. It keeps me going and helps me stay focused. If I feel like I need to mix things up, I listen to podcasts as well. It's all about how I feel every day.


Whether it's hardbacks, paperbacks or audio books, I like to get my imagination all whirled up in the morning. And I think it's one of the best ways to pass my time, before I hit the gym.

Most of the things in my gym bag make me feel productive and I think that’s what motivates me to keep going. What keeps you going? Tell us in the comments below.

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