The Only 2 DIY Face Scrubs You Need This Fall!

Don’t you just love the fact that autumn carries more gold in its pocket than other seasons? There’s this beautiful pumpkin spice aroma all around us and the chill in the air is perfect for you to get your scarves out of the closet.

While you change almost everything about your life with every changing season, from your closet to your food, don’t forget to change your skin routine too! If you feel the cold weather makes your skin dry and dull, you know it's time to double up on your skin care.

Did you know that regularly exfoliating your skin with homemade face scrubs ensures that all the dry and dead cells are eliminated? Making way for new cell regeneration, which gives you that soft, smooth skin you’ve been wanting all along.

Why Is It Important to Exfoliate?

When you exfoliate with homemade face scrubs, you remove dead cells from your skin that usually create mayhem if left unchecked. From dry skin, flakiness to clogged pores and much more, dead cells are responsible for all these problems. If regular exfoliation can completely eliminate these problems, we ask – why not add it to your skin care routine! 

Besides these benefits, exfoliation also improves blood circulation and gives your skin a radiant glow. Now that we know how important exfoliation is, why don’t we make some DIY scrubs together? Cause homemade face scrub can help you get that glowing skin!

DIY Brown Sugar and Oatmeal Face Scrub

These two ingredients are going to form the base of this amazing DIY Face Scrub. They are not rough like other exfoliators, instead they soothe your skin and make you feel pampered. For this scrub, you will need a few more ingredients like coconut oil, which will nourish your skin; and honey, which will act as a cleanser. That’s it, these 4 ingredients will leave your skin feeling incredible, here are the quantities for each of the ingredients –

  •         3 tablespoons of oats
  •         7 tablespoons of granulated brown sugar
  •         2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  •         2 tablespoons of honey

Mix all of the ingredients to make your DIY fall face scrub. Tip – heating the coconut oil for a few seconds ensures that the oil gets mixed well. Apply the mixture in a circular motion on your face, massage for 5 to 7 minutes and let it rest for 10 mins before you wash your face with cold water. Feel the difference in your skin and apply a moisturizer right after! If you like how your skin feels you can double or triple the quantities and make a jar of this amazing home face scrub, it can last for up to 6 months, if you refrigerate it!

DIY Pumpkin, Sugar and Spice Face Scrub

You know what’s loaded with zinc, Vitamin A and C? Pumpkin! This one ingredient is super nourishing and is the perfect base for our fall DIY face scrub. So, here's the recipe of a sugar scrub for your face. You’ll need granulated brown sugar for this one too, along with Vitamin E oil this time. For the spice, you can use ginger powder, cinnamon powder and a pinch of nutmeg. All these spices will leave your skin feeling warm and well looked after. Now for the quantities and method:

  •         4 tablespoons of pumpkin puree
  •         8 tablespoons of granulated brown sugar
  •         A pinch of all the spices (nutmeg, cinnamon powder and ginger powder)
  •         1 tablespoon of Vitamin E

Mix all the ingredients, and now apply them in a circular motion on your face. You can massage your skin for a few minutes, let the scrub stay for another few minutes and then wash it with warm water this time. You can make double or triple the quantity of this scrub and store it in a refrigerator. But remember to use this one in a couple of weeks.

Yes, there are plenty of scrubs available in the market and to save time, you could get yourself one of those too. But if you want to pamper yourself with natural ingredients, then you most definitely should try making these Fall DIY Face Scrubs at home. Making of either of them barely takes a couple of minutes and you’ll find your skin feeling loved and pampered within seconds! So, that's how to exfoliate face at home with homemade remedies.

You can also add a serum to your skincare routine and keep your skin feeling pampered throughout the season!

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