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Switching to a Non Toxic Skincare Routine Made Easy

Let’s face it, you’ve been wanting to go on that diet, which gives you 100% results but are too afraid to take the first step. Why, you ask? Simple, you think that you are not capable of making such a drastic change to your lifestyle.

Well, when it comes to making a clean break from toxic skincare products, the dilemma you go through is quite similar. You don’t trust yourself to keep up. The problem is very real and its something you have to work on, but without killing yourself, of course.

Here are a couple of tried and tested ways to make a clean break from toxic skincare products!

Phase It Out

Don’t try to do the impossible. If you throw out all your existing skincare products, you will burn a big hole in your pocket (especially because you have to buy new non toxic skincare products). You might also feel cheated because you have already invested in those toxic products and won’t have the heart to throw them away. Here’s what you can do, finish using them but do not restock them. This way you won’t feel the pinch and the transition will be smooth too.

Read the Ingredients

We all know that sulfates and parabens are bad for our skin, but what about those other ingredients you’ve never heard about? The easiest way to understand what these ingredients with scientific terms mean is to carry out some research before you invest in the skincare product. After all, what you apply on skin affects your entire body.

Natural V/S Non-Toxic

Understand that there’s a huge difference between both the terms. A product that’s claiming to be natural could have just one natural ingredient. For all you know that one ingredient might have undergone a manufacturing process that turns it into a chemical compound. So, it's best to look for products that state the use of clean, non toxic ingredients.

Be Patient

It’s going to take you time to find a product that’s right for your skin. Experiment with creams and serums from retailers that you trust. See if their goals align with yours and feel the difference of clean, non toxic skincare products!

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