• Baré Alchemy

    Hi Noreen, why don’t you try our Serums. You just have to use a few drops each day, which makes it affordable in the long term.

  • JANN

    Thank you for all of this informative info! I looked throughout the internet & couldn’t find a solid answer…I finally know how to use my products to ensure the best results, thanks to your guidance & they do work very well.

  • Chris Hohendorf

    Thank you for very informative answers to the questions I found all of them wonderful

  • Noreen

    Can you recommend a serum, that hopefully is affordable?

  • Ritika, Team Baré

    Hi Thelma, your skin is very delicate on the face and it is important to use the purest ingredients that solve specific problems you may have. Serum’s are perfect for that and we’re glad you’re already using a serum. If you want to use an oil after a serum, you could try almond oil, rosehip oil or sea buckthorn. Any oil with Vitamin E is great for mature, normal to dry skin.

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