Reasons to Say No to Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is bad – a statement we’ve heard umpteen times, but do you know why it is so? If the answer is not really, then how does one abide by it, especially since we aren’t sure about why exactly refined sugar has such a bad reputation? If you want facts and some real reasons to quit on refined sugar, we’re bringing them to you today.

Refined sugar is present in almost every packaged food item. And most often than not, it is referred to by different names like fructose, fructose corn syrup and so on. This makes it a little difficult to notice, but once you know this, you can’t unlearn it. You have to prepare yourself to make the right health decisions for yourself. It all depends on your will power and of course, we are giving you the specific reasons to say no to refined sugar.

Reason #1: It Increases Your Blood Pressure

Think only salt can cause your blood pressure to rise? Studies have shown that sugar too has an adverse effect when it comes to blood pressure. What happens is your body reacts to high carbohydrate and processed foods, which are packed with sugar. You body starts producing more insulin and leptin, which causes your blood pressure to rise. There are many other scientific details, but this should be reason enough to stop consuming refined sugar.

Reason #2: Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Since refined sugar forces the body to produce more insulin, it can negatively affect how your body reacts to it. As the insulin levels are constantly high, the cells in your body will start to build up some resistance. And after some time, these cells will stop accepting insulin altogether. What happens when your body stops accepting it? Your pancreas stops producing it and you could suffer from type 2 diabetes. Why put your body through so much, when you can just lower your intake of refined sugar?

Reason #3: Depression

When your body gets used to consuming a sweet treat and starts feeling better, it can become your coping mechanism. When you start consuming too much refined sugar, it tends to put you at a higher risk for depression.

Reason #4: Heart Risk

Even if you eat fruits and vegetables, it cannot reverse the risk you put your heart up for when you consume heaps of refined sugar. The fact that refined sugar increases your blood pressure and negatively affects your liver are reason enough to control your temptations.

Reason #5: Memory

According to research carried out by the University of California Los Angeles, refined sugar can affect memory. For a period of six weeks, lab rats were given a fructose solution. Towards the end of the study, they started to forget how to get out of the maze. Though it will take years to prove how sugar affects the human brain and memory, it is best to reduce intake and be on the safe side.

Many people swear by how their lives have changed after they have stopped consuming refined sugar. It affected their energy levels, mood and overall health, not to mention the aforementioned reasons were pretty convincing too. So, don’t let refined sugar take a toll on your health, make this small change, starting today!

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