Protecting Your Skin from Pollution: A Baré Guide

The world continues to face the ill-effects of pollution, with the depleting ozone layer & increasing levels of UV radiation. Dust, smoke & pollution is toxic for your skin, but how does one counter these changes?

You can start by following these simple tips.

Stay Hydrated

It’s easy, it costs nothing but still manages to make a world of difference. Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated, generates cell growth, improves circulation, helps minimize dark circles under the eyes and improves skin elasticity. Filter your drinking water, avoid chlorinated water & drink a good 6-8 ounces minimum in a day to help achieve that glowing look.

Eat Healthy

Foods rich in Omega 3 fats, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are good for your skin. Vitamin C is commonly found in fruits with citric content, while you can get plenty of Vitamin E in green leafy veggies like spinach or mustard. These are good for skin health, combined with a lot of water intake to purify & cleanse your skin pores. You can also use supplements to help achieve your daily intake levels, but fruits and vegetables should be your first friends!

Avoid Chlorinated Water

Swimming pools are usually the culprits for this, with overly chlorinated water. Drinking water is also chlorinated for purification purposes, but that’s still mild & acceptable in small quantities. A hot shower after a long swim opens up the pores of your skin & lets the chlorine in the water seep in, making your skin dry & pale, which is unhealthy. Use a hydrating gel based body wash & rub in some moisturizer like Baré’s All-Over Moisturizer after the swim to fight the dryness. The shea butter & coconut oil in the moisturizer helps rehydrate the skin & keep it fresh.

Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoke is the number one cause of bad skin & early ageing - the smoke obstructs blood flow to your skin. A reduced oxygen supply & lack of nutrients makes things worse for your skin. Free radicals present in cigarette smoke are cancerous & damaging, while also damaging natural elastin and collagen in your body. Remember, a chainsmoker looks two decades older than they ought to, with all the wrinkles & damage!

Always Use a Sunscreen

UV pollution is a major concern in today’s world - exposure to direct sunlight high in UV radiation causes skin inflammation & other disorders. It increases your risk for cancer & damages your cutaneous barrier, which is the source of the inflamed, red sunburnt skin. Use a good sunscreen to avoid this.

Use a Serum

Antioxidant facial scrubs, masks & serums are helpful to cleanse the skin of any unwanted detritus, oils & dust caused by air pollution. Travelling requires you to clean up after, so it’s best if you do it right with a serum like Baré Alchemy’s Cleanse Serum. The small sized bottle also makes it travel friendly, so you can always stay protected on the go!

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