Marley Dias: A Teenage Activist and Feminist!

Marley Dias, is someone we look up to for her sensibility and courage to make things really happen.

Back when she was in the 6th grade, she caught on to something – the books she was reading at school often revolved around white protagonists and their dogs. She said, "There wasn't really any freedom for me to read what I wanted."

So, in 2015, she launched a social media initiative with the hashtag - #1000BlackGirlBooks.

Her aim? Simple, she wanted to collect and distribute 1,000 books featuring Black girls as the protagonist.

Guess what happened? She didn’t just get the 1000 books she initially hoped for, but got over 12,000 books instead! And it naturally went viral and people started taking notice. She not only managed to bring diversity in the classrooms of her school, but now had a chance to spread the message as a teenage activist. 

When asked why she wanted to make this happen, Marley says she wanted to introduce diversity, because it develops a sense of identity. And we agree that it is a necessity. Technology is aiding this awakening, spreading the word like never before and we are loving it!

Back then and three years later today, we know she is the future.

As an activist and feminist, she has written a book titled - Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You! 

What is her book about? Marley Dias explores activism as well as social justice and how using social media for good can-do wonders. She also talks about volunteerism, equity and inclusion. 

Her current goal is to motivate other children to become teenage activists and make positive changes in their community. We can’t wait to see what else Marley Dias's book fare and what all she sets her eyes on plus goes on to achieve!

This young power-house sounds like a Baré Woman to us, what do you think? 

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