Is Your Body Getting Enough Vitamin D?

The sunshine vitamin is super important for us. It protects us from just about everything. Whether its your immunity, heart, eyes or bones; Vitamin D has the power to make you strong and healthy. Just like Vitamin C is great for natural skin care, healthy hair and your immune system.

Let me just list down all the benefits of Vitamin D:

  •              Fights diseases, prevents cancer and heart ailments
  •              Helps avoid any vision damage
  •              Reduces depression, as it regulates your mood
  •              Helps you get rid of headaches
  •              Boosts weight loss, as Vitamin D has an appetite-suppressing effect
  •              Puts a halt to muscle spasms

And so on. The lack of it; however, can put your body through a lot of trouble.

How Is Vitamin D Deficiency Caused?

There are many reasons that can cause you to become Vitamin D deficient, but here are some of the top ones:

  •              You live in a place where tall skyscrapers block the sunlight
  •              Your sunscreen prevents your body from producing Vitamin D
  •              There is a high level of pollution in your surrounding
  •              You’re always indoors

What are Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms?

There are many symptoms that can warn you, such as

  •              Feeling tired
  •              Aches when you climb a staircase
  •              Bone or muscle pain

Sometimes, getting a regular blood check-up can help your doctor analyse whether your body’s lacking Vitamin D.

How to Overcome This?

Sometimes, getting Vitamin D through natural sunlight is not possible. However, there are certain Vitamin D deficiency home remedy treatments.

For instance, including the following food to your diet can help you overcome Vitamin D deficiency.

  •              A glass of orange juice
  •              Egg yolk
  •              Yogurt
  •              A bowl of cereal and milk
  •              Salmon or sardines
  •              Supplements suggested by your nutritionist

Though these food sources will help you obtain Vitamin D, the best way to truly get it in your system is to bask in early morning sunlight. Your body naturally produces Vitamin D when it is exposed to direct natural sunlight. So, just wear your shades and step out in the sun!

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