Is Red Wine Good or Bad for You?

We’re answering the million-dollar question, is red wine really good or is it bad after all? Some people swear by its benefits and sip on at least a glass of wine every single day, while others feel it’s just an excuse to have a good time.

Let’s accept it, whether it's time to celebrate an occasion or just make sure the day ends on a good note; most of us are ready to pour ourselves a glass of red wine. It helps us relax and is considered as a health beverage too.

Studies have been carried out and the results are in, shall we take a look?

How is red wine made?

Dark-colored grapes are crushed and fermented to perfection. Grapes from each farm in different countries have a different flavor, a true wine connoisseur would know how to tell the difference.

Depending on the taste and color, wines are often categorized as Shiraz, Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, and Pinot noir. Consuming any of these in moderate quantities have shown signs of improving health thanks to the powerful antioxidants present in wine. But there are many cases that talk about the ill effects of consuming too much wine too. So, drinking too many glasses of wine every single day won’t be a good idea, but drinking a glass every day or every once in a while may actually do you some good. There are many red wine benefits for female and skin!

Benefits of red wine

Since grapes as a fruit are high in antioxidants, this quality is passed onto wines as well. It is these antioxidants that give red wine its famed health benefits. The antioxidants also help prevent heart disease and cancer as well as reduce oxidative damage in the body. They fight free radicals and some of the antioxidant properties have also shown to fight inflammation.

Drinking wine in a moderate quantity can give your immune system a boost, but remember not to drink so much that it leads to negative effects.

Since wine acts as a natural blood thinner, it reduces the chances of blood clots that could eventually lead to a stroke. But obviously heavy drinkers will have the opposite effect.

While these benefits of rain wine do suggest that drinking red wine might actually prove to be beneficial for your health, you have to understand that you cannot go overboard and drink bottles of wine together. Anything in excess is harmful for the body. It is important to realize that there are varying wine glass sizes and if studies suggest that drinking wine is good, they are not talking about the oversized variants! A 5-ounce glass works perfectly for you to keep as reference.

But if you consume wine in a moderate quantity, things should be fine. In fact, of all the alcoholic beverages, red wine does seem to be the healthiest option!

Studies have also suggested that red wine reduces signs of depression, risk of dementia and type-2 diabetes as well! Resveratrol in wine has proven to improve sensibility to insulin, which makes it perfect to consume if you have type-2 diabetes.

Did you know drinking a glass of wine is like food for the brain? The chemicals present in red wine prevent the brain's neurons from dying off, which thereby improves brain function.

So, drinking a single glass of wine has shown to have a dozen of benefits, all you have got to do it drink in moderation and keep the eye on the prize. We are talking about maintaining a good health overall!

So, cheers to red wine, but in moderation!

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