Ingredient Speak: Jack of All Fruits!

If you’ve ever seen a jackfruit tree and wondered how such a huge fruit can grow so well on a tree, it is because nature designed it that way; making it the largest tree fruit in the world!

Unfortunately, jackfruits have got a bad name stating that they are rich in fats. Tip – Just because a fruit is naturally sweet, doesn’t mean that it is unhealthy or that it is fattening. It is this sweetness of the fruit that tempts the cells of our body to absorb and assimilate the many phytonutrients of the jackfruit. So, don’t listen to those rumors and indulge in the deliciousness and many benefits of jackfruit!

High in Vitamin C

Since jackfruit is loaded with Vitamin C, it can prevent inflammation that could lead to chronic diseases like cancer or heart diseases. Essentially eating jackfruit can help your body fight cancer and heart disease according to some studies. 

Rich in Antioxidants

Jackfruit is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants too. The antioxidants present in jackfruit have the ability to fight free radicals that cause ageing.

Boosts Immunity

Thanks to the high content of both Vitamin A and Vitamin C in jackfruit, it helps boost the immune system and fights off viral infections and other diseases.

Fights Wrinkles

If you don’t like the taste of jackfruit, this is something you can do, because jackfruit fights wrinkles! Simply grind a seed of the jackfruit and mix it in cold milk; then apply this pack on your face at least once a week and you will see how it moisturizes your skin and fights wrinkles too.

Jackfruit has been used in ancient Asian medicine and cuisine. Today, vegans often use jackfruit as an alternative to meat, because of its texture. You can eat the fruit as is or also make delicious Asian curries with the jackfruit and its seeds. If you have tried any interesting recipes, don’t forget to share!

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