How to Live A Luxuriously Simple Life

Good education, a job right after, a home and car all by the time you are 25?! That’s an unrealistic deadline set by society. And if you feel that getting all those things will give you happiness, try achieving them and you’ll see that you heart will keep craving for more.
You might think you need all the money in the world, but really it is the small things that make life worth living. With a few small changes, you can start by choosing the simply luxuriously life within minutes. The kind you wish you had access to, but are too afraid to make changes that will lead you to your goal. Leading a luxuriously simple life is not as daunting as it seems. All you need to do is have an open mind and learn a few tips and tricks.
Let’s get to it then?

Switch Off Every Device!

I know this might seem bizarre in today’s day and age, but if you can just go a day without any social media, tech, calls or your iPad; you will see what we mean. You’ll get 24 hours to eat well, sleep well and really reconnect with people face to face. If you think that’s easy, set another goal for yourself, go on a week-long social media detox. And push your limits, till you realize how easy and effective it can be.

Reduce the Things on Your To-do List

All work and no play - has and never will be a good idea. So, take some time off, whether it’s taking a couple of hours, days or weeks off; you know you need and deserve it. Pamper yourself by getting a massage, or just read a book if that’s your thing. You need to have time to breathe and recuperate. Sometimes sleeping for 8 to 9 hours helps your body heal itself and give you the energy to take on new tasks.

Healthy Living

Did you know that having good health is actually a luxury? If you give healthy living a chance by eating right and exercising enough, you will be giving a healthy, happy life a chance too. You will eventually feel more energized as well, and less weighed down; now, who wouldn’t want that? So, eat right – farm to table is the ideal way to go. Reduce your intake of packaged food that are filled with preservatives.

Indulge in A Hobby

If there’s something that has the potential to make you happy, don’t wait for the right time to start. If it is painting or writing or learning a musical instrument; go for it! Join a group or class if you think you need motivation and inspiration to keep going. You will realize that this is the best time of your day or week and you will feel motivated to indulge in it. In fact, you will tend to look forward to that time!


Instead of spending money on a hundred things, think before you buy things. Make a budget and stick to it. Save for something that makes your life easier, invest in things that will help you retire sooner than you expected. Having financial security is one of the best things you can experience and it will make you happy as well as encourage you to live a simply luxurious life.
By making a few small changes in your life, you will realize how easy it is to answer your question of 'how do I truly live a luxuriously simple life?!'.

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