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Gentle Detox Meal Suggestions for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

If the word ‘detox’ scares you, this easy detox meal plan will make you smile. Aiming for a gentle detox meal plan every once in a while, is great for the body and mind; and it also proves that you don’t have to go on an extreme one day juice detox to turn your health around. Remember, the more your detox routine feels like a pampering session, the more inclined you are to follow through.

Before you begin, here are some things you just have to do every single day:

  •         Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours each night
  •         Go for a walk, bask in the sun
  •         Use Epsom salts for a relaxing bath
  •         Write down your journey and the progress you are making
  •         Do some sort of meditation or yoga to cleanse your mind
  •         Drink 8 glasses of water
  •         Don’t eat after 7 p.m.

Detox meal plan ideas for breakfast:

Fruit bowl – Take any fruit you like it could be a banana or mango. Chop them up, and add them to the processor, also add some low-fat coconut milk and 1 tablespoon of butter. Blend the ingredients until the consistency resembles that of a smoothie. Add chopped nuts or sunflower seeds and enjoy!

Berry bowl – You can choose to make this with strawberries or blackberries, depending on what you like. Instead of coconut milk, you can use yogurt. Chop up the berries and toss them in a bowl with the yogurt. Garnish with some mint, chia seeds and nuts, of your choice.

Chocolate bowl – Yes, you can make a healthy breakfast bowl with chocolate! All you need is cocoa powder, fresh avocado and milk! Blend them together and season if you must.

Detox meal plan for lunch:

Green Salad – You could do your favorite green salad; or just slice a cucumber, chop a green apple, add some walnuts, some kale leaves, and apple cider vinegar as the dressing. You can season the salad as per your preference, just remember not to use any mayo or dressing that is high in fats.

Avocado Salad – Use sliced avocado for this one. You’ll also need chia seeds, sliced zucchini, honey, some cooked quinoa and mint leaves. Mix these ingredients in a bowl and if you wish, you can add some lemon juice as well.

Salmon Salad – If you can’t do without meat or fish, this one’s for you. Simply use some smoked salmon - chop it into chunks and toss it in a salad bowl. Then, slice an avocado, use some blueberries and walnuts and add them too. You can squeeze some lime, add a tablespoon of honey and season the salad, as per your palate preferences.

Detox meal plan for an early dinner:

Pumpkin soup – Boil and mash some fresh pumpkin and carrots. Then lightly sauté some chopped garlic and add it to the mix. Add some roasted peanuts, coconut shavings and a bit of coconut milk for the flavor. If you like some spice, then add a few chopped red or green chilies too. Let it all come to a boil and you can enjoy this delicious detox soup!

Beetroot soup – You don’t need to boil or cook this one. Just blend some beetroot, an avocado, a carrot; add coconut water, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and pepper. Season it, if you like and enjoy this creamy and healthy sweet beetroot soup.

Broccoli soup – This has got to be the most loved soup, at least for us. You have to cook this one in a pan; add some chopped garlic, onion, ginger, spinach, broccoli and vegetable broth. You can add avocado if you like and garnish the soup with seeds, nuts and mint leaves!

Good luck with your gentle 3 day detox diet plan! Stay tuned for more amazing tips and tricks!

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