Fitness Enthusiast? Avoid Getting The "Runner's Face" With These Tips

As a modern woman who believes in the concept of a work-life balance, having a fitness regime that strengthens & rejuvenates your body is important. You have choices - be it hitting the gym for some cardio & weight training, Pilates, spinning, crossfit or yoga classes, or just a quick 30-minute outdoor run.

Little do we know that all of this can have an effect on the way we look. A gaunt, sunken looking face is usually caused by excessive fat burning, exposure to the sun & hyper-sweating. Your skin tends to trap bacteria & infections, while you end up with a bony and skeletal face. These are some of the definite signs of a "runner's face".

These unintended side-effects of rigorous exercise need proper skin care to avoid and/or eliminate. Here's what we'd recommend!

Drink lots of water

Sagging skin is a common side effect of intense workouts aimed at burning fat. Your facial skin is also affected by these changes. The key factor to avoiding this is one of the most basic things one can do - drinking enough water. Back up your routines with sufficient water intake, before & after the workout. Poor hydration is responsible for the maximum percentage of skin-related illnesses. You don't want to ruin your dedicated workout sessions & carefully planned diet charts by overlooking this. Simple tip, always remember - DRINK ENOUGH WATER, everyday!

Always apply sunscreen

Marathon runners usually head outdoors for a long jog or a quick sprint. But what about protecting one's skin from the sun? Using a simple sunscreen can go a long way in your daily routine. Dab & apply before stepping out, especially if your day job involves a fair amount of travelling. Exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation & chances of sunburn go down significantly with the right SPF lotion in your pre-workout skin care, so don't skip this essential step!

Moisturize often

Dry skin is a common problem - many workout enthusiasts experience this, especially those with sensitive skin. Essential oils can be lost in heavy sweating & a post-workout sauna or hot shower, which is why moisturizing is important. It helps rehydrate the skin, and it's as important as your water intake after an intense workout.

Cleanse after

The above points are all important, but what's important is to not overdo any of your skincare activities - too much sunscreen will trap dead skin, bacteria & sweat in its pores. Overuse of moisturizers can lead to oily skin & facial acne. Moderation is key, and cleansing is the final step to maintaining one's skin. It also improves blood circulation into the skin. Cleansing helps remove unwanted excess oils, sebum buildup, dirt and residue; leaving your skin feeling fresh. The ideal night ritual, use a mild facial cleanser to help achieve that perfect smooth skin.

Use a serum

Your skin also needs nutrition in the form of vitamins and antioxidants. Baré Alchemy's Protect Serum contains Kakadu Plum, the world’s highest source of Vitamin C. This helps prevent cell damage from UV rays in direct sunlight. Skin serums also helps quickly restore hydration for the skin and provides much-needed nourishment to the face, preventing "runner's face" effectively.

That should cover you sufficiently for your next workout session! Love our tips? Follow Baré Alchemy for more skincare advice.

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