Feel Better by Ending Negative Self-Talk!

No brownie points for guessing the most draining thing for our own mental health, it is undoubtedly stress and negativity. It is the root of causing anxiety, depression and a dozen of other problems. The effects of negative self talk are horrible, and it is important to learn how to not be too hard on yourself. 

Wondering what causes negative self talk? Have you ever watched the video of a social experiment, where there are two pots filled with the same plant? Now, both of them are watered regularly, but there’s only one difference; one plant is praised and the other one is talked down to. After some time, everyone could see the difference. The plant that was regularly praised grew to be lush and beautiful; while the one that was talked down to become miserable and almost died. If negativity has such a bad impact on plants, can you imagine what it must have on our own mental peace?

If other people talk down to us; it can still be tackled, what happens when you end up putting your own self down? It is not a good place to be in for sure, in fact, it is important to get out of that feeling, of that space as soon as possible. Negative self-talk must end and we are here to share ways to do just that!

Be Objective

You are not the worst, even if you try to use that as an excuse for all the things going downhill. You have to understand that there are other factors that can be at play here. You can’t control all of them, but what you can do is get over the negativity and work towards your goal. If you feel like saying, ‘Oh, I am not good enough for this job’, you will make yourself believe that. But if you say, ‘I might have to work towards acing that job’, it will help you reach your goal without doubting your potential.

Be A Friend to Yourself

If someone came to you with a problem, would you rip them apart for not having it in them to solve it? Or would you advise them and lend a shoulder to lean on? If you choose the second route of empathy and compassion, why not give yourself the same treatment. Be a friend to yourself first; that is the least you can do.

Try Being Grateful

Instead of focusing your energy on the negatives in life, try to recollect all the things you can be grateful for. It has the power to change your mood completely, all you need to do is keep an open mind and have selective memory!


This is one of the most powerful things to either start or end your day with. Meditation can relieve stress, depression, anxiety and negative self-talk too! It helps you follow all the tips mentioned in this blog, because it helps you focus better. Meditation makes you aware, grateful and positive.

Talk to People

If you still feel like you need some mental support and find someone you can speak your heart to, don’t shy away from seeking help. Find someone whom you can trust and who can help you analyse things objectively. Even talking to people might make you feel better and less tensed. So, don’t be embarrassed; just learn to channel your fears.

Admit That You’re Human

This can be extremely hard to come to terms with, but we all are humans and it is natural to be imperfect. If we go around trying to be perfect 24 X 7, we will burn ourselves out and that is definitely not a nice phase to go through. Quit trying to achieve the impossible, and plan more realistic goals. Everyone takes their own time to succeed, all you have to do is hang in there, for yourself.

Negativity doesn’t let us concentrate on the important things in life, because it distracts us and pulls us back. You need to clear your mind and move forward with the spirit of overcoming this!

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