Baré Guide: Skin Care Tips for Fall

When the seasons change, we tend to see a shift in how our skin reacts to the climate. Many concerns about acne and whether our skin is getting sufficient hydration are on the rise; and trust us it's more common than you think! Even though we know some of the basics, we tend to forget them, and that’s exactly where our Baré Guide with Skin care tips for fall steps in. With our skin care tips we’ll equip you to handle the weather and take care of your skin while you make this transition from hot to cold.

Vitamin C Is A Must

This is one thing you just cannot miss out on. Vitamin C helps boost your skin’s defenses, which you most definitely need while making the transition from summer to fall. Vitamin C helps make your skin strong enough to fight free radicals before they can affect your skin. Basically, it seals the good stuff in and creates a barrier for anything that’s bad.

Tip: A great way to give your skin the right amount of Vitamin C is to apply one of our Baré Serums, depending on your skin type, of course. Each of them is filled with Vitamin C thanks to Kakadu Plum, which has almost 63 times more Vitamin C than oranges! Know what else Kakadu Plum does? It helps prevent skin aging! Only good things come from applying this Vitamin C skin care serum, so why don’t you add this to your skin care routine?

Add Vitamin A to The Mix

During summer, you probably kept your retinol product at bay. But now that those hot and sweaty days are over, it is time to reintroduce Vitamin A to your routine. What it does is, boost your skin’s natural exfoliation process and ensure that new cells are formed. But remember, never over exfoliate your skin. Be wise - slowly add this to your routine. A great way would be to try a test patch, and once your skin is comfortable, use your Vitamin A product at night. During the day, you can use a sunscreen (SPF 30 or more depending on what your skin needs) and further protect your skin from any damage.

Use an Eye Cream

Even if you have ditched using an eye cream for the remaining part of the year, it is extremely important to use it during the fall. Did you know that eye creams and serums can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles? All you need to do is apply them regularly and in the right way. Never rub your eyes, gently apply your eye cream or serum with your ring finger. It isn’t necessary to reach a particular age to start caring for your skin; you can easily start when you are in your 20s or 30s. And neither is it too late to start; take the effort to give yourself and your skin health the importance it deserves.

Hydrate and Moisturize

Let’s first understand the difference between the two. Sometimes, when your skin lacks oil it is referred to as dry skin; on the other hand, when your skin lacks water it is referred to as dehydrated skin. Our goal should be to avoid both these very scenarios. You can add a water-based serum to your routine that contains natural oils like rosehip and almond oil. This way you can find a balance between hydrating and moisturizing your skin; thereby equipping yourself to be totally ready to have flawless skin this fall!

Never Ditch the Sunscreen

Of all the beauty tips for fall, this one is the most crucial. Even though you may not feel the hot blazing sun, UV rays are always present. So, using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more is always a good idea. It helps you when you’re out travelling or even if you’re sitting near a window. Did you know that UV rays can penetrate through glass?! Safeguard yourself from the skin aging UV rays by regularly applying your sunscreen.

So, there you go, we made it just in time to present you with the most important fall skincare tips!

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