Are Your Blaming Your Food for That Acne?

Many dermatologists share that most of their patients come to them with a predefined notion that certain foods they eat are the actual cause of their acne. These patients are mostly women who have spent thousands of dollars on products that had promised to solve their acne problem, but didn’t quite succeed. And this is why they started eliminating certain foods from their diet, with the belief that this food is the actual root cause of their acne problem. But, what are the real causes of acne on face?

Should You Avoid Sugar, Dairy and Gluten to Reduce Acne?

However, there is no direct and proven link with food that leads to acne. People try to reduce sugar, dairy and gluten from their daily lives, but many of them still have spots. So, what’s the explanation for that, what are the causes of acne on face? Acne is caused by many other factors like stress, genes, hormonal imbalance and weather conditions. Each individual’s body is different with a unique DNA; so, our bodies react differently to different foods. Precisely why, most people won’t find a huge difference by eliminating sugar, dairy or gluten from their diets.

Studies are unable to form a link, because honestly, it becomes rather difficult to track what a person has been eating for decades. Do you remember what all you ate for the last couple of months? We didn’t think so. Sometimes during such data collection instances, people don’t completely disclose what they have been eating because they are either too conscious or maybe cause they genuinely don’t remember. Whatever the reason, the fact that this data is not accurate can make it harder for any analyst to link or find a cause and effect relation between diet and acne.

What You Should Do

All you need to keep in mind is find a way to maintain both your general physical health and mental health. It is important to eat right, and by that we mean eat nutritious food and avoid food that calls for acne. What is also important is to interact with people and not live in social isolation. It is important to correctly deal with anxiety, depression and other mental issues, so that it stops affecting the way you think. This, in turn, will help you achieve your goal of skin health too.

The best way to tackle acne is to visit an expert who can help identify the real cause of your acne. Together, you can chart out a plan to rid yourself of the acne and spots as well as find a way to maintain good skin health.

Food is not necessarily good or bad; you just have to keep in mind that anything in excess will lead to no good. So, remember to include the right food to your daily diet and avoid foods that cause acne, but don’t eliminate things just because a friend faced an issue or because you read something somewhere. There are many myths that are doing the rounds and the best way for you to know if something suits you or doesn’t is to check with your doctor.

Based on your unique DNA and reaction to foods, you will be able to identify what should be your next step. Don’t blindly follow someone, because who knows if you are depriving your body of nutrition because of a slight probability.

Skin health should always be your first and foremost priority. Treating acne and reducing spots can be a part of this, but skin health is far more important than just looking good.

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