Are You Making This Common Skincare Mistake At the Gym?

Let’s make it loud and clear, sweating is good for you. But, (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) if you don’t take care of your skin properly before and after working out, your skin could be headed for trouble. Today, we are going to give you tips that you can use for your pre workout skin care routine or post workout skin care routine, with the right kind of products.

Sweating allows your skin to release toxins and impurities. A healthy and active lifestyle is the best way to get sweat glands working to get your complexion on point but to really reap the benefits you need to properly cleanse your skin both before and after you workout. Trust us, this makes a huge difference in the way your skin feels. Plus, it helps maintain the health of your skin in general.

So You’re Telling Me I Should Be Cleansing Before and After I Workout?

That’s right! Sure, cleansing after you workout is a no-brainer, but many people don’t realize that they should also be cleansing before they hit the gym. And not just if they are wearing makeup! Bare skin also needs a pre-workout cleanse so you can get rid of any built-up dirt and oil. Think about it, do you really want to throw sweat on top of that too? To reduce the risk of breakouts, clogged pores, redness or irritation, be sure to give your skin a gentle cleanse before your sweat sesh. And hey, do yourself a solid by using an oil cleanser. This ensures all makeup, dirt, and oil has been completely washed away because oil-based cleansers have the ability to break down all the junk we don’t want hanging out on the surface of our skin. Then, after your workout, do another quick cleanse to make sure your skin is sweat-free.

What Should I Do When My Skin Looks Irritated After I Work Out?

If your skin feels sensitive or looks irritated after your workout, use a very gentle cleanser and then wait around 20 minutes before applying any skincare products. This will allow your skin’s barrier to re-stabilize itself. Our skin barrier contains ceramides that protect the health of skin which keeps out bacteria and allergens while maintaining moisture. Once your redness or inflammation has started to settle, just apply your favorite products including the best hydrating serum there is and you’ll be good to go!  

A Few Easy Ways to Work Up A Sweat

There are many ways to work up a sweat, but here are some of our favorites!

  • Morning Jog – Stepping out in the morning for a fun run can really clear your mind and get your creative juices running. What is also does is gets your body in great shape while getting rid of all that grit and grime through your sweat.
  • Jumping Rope – This is one of those exercises that uses almost every muscle in your body. Since you’re standing in one place, there’s not much scope for your body to cool down, as a result, you sweat more. Mix up your jumping style routine, so you never get bored.
  • Burpees – Now, they are tough, but all you’ve got to do is practice and persevere. Start with a squat down and then place your palms on the floor followed by jumping to your feet and then finally into the push-up position. Do one push-up then jump your feet back up to your hands and leap into the air, phew! Start with one and build-up your stamina. Slowly, you’ll see the result of your hard work with visible results and sweat!
  • Cycling – Whether its indoors or outdoors, cycling is one of the most enjoyable exercise routines there is. Cycle in bursts with high intensity for a minute and two minutes for recovery, which is essentially slow or moderately-paced cycling. If you cycle for some time every day, your body will release impurities through sweat in no time!

So, start an effective pre workout skin care and post workout skin care routine with the right products.

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