A Mindful Work Life Balance Made Possible

Work can be one of the most stressful places; if you’re new or the deadlines are demanding, if you’re the victim of office politics or the route to get to work is taxing, and if the never-ending office hours are taking a toll on your health too. But there's one thing that can pull you up from these thoughts and give you clever ways to face them is the power of practicing mindfulness. Before you burnout, we suggest you do these small things to perform better at work and really understand the importance of having a mindful work life balance.

Take A Break from Multitasking

If you’re the kind of person who powers through breakfast while checking office mails or prefers a work lunch and sips on cold tea, because you have just got to finish the things on your to-do list; you need to stop. If you are under a lot of pressure, it is important to take a breather. Having a cup of tea or taking a quick break without doing anything related to work or things that stress you out for even a few minutes will actually better equip you to finish the tasks at hand. 

Find That Sense of Meaning

If your job is not making you feel alive every day, then you must find one that does. Your stress will automatically reduce if you find a job that excites you and drives you to do better. A very renowned way to find a job that’s perfect for you is to develop your hobby or passion in such a way that it helps you make a living and enjoy your time on earth. Lots of people working with NGOs, animal care shelters, or those who are spending time with their family and freelancing from home have admitted that they find happiness in their jobs. The benefits of a healthy work life balance are infinite. 

Personal Principles

When going about your tasks at work, you are often faced with a predicament should you choose path A or path B? Path A is the right thing to do, but it can make you look bad in the eyes of the senior management; while path B is the wrong, but easy way out and can keep you hidden from the scrutiny of your seniors. What will you choose? Will you bear the consequences and get over with it, or hide the truth and let it play on your mind. It is your personal principles that will define the path you eventually take. As an employee, it is important to develop healthy work life balance strategies.

Don’t Burnout

Endless hours of work and just a few hours of sleep could make you the employee of the month, but is it really worth it? Your body, mind and overall health need you to take care of yourself first. Self-care is the first step to avoiding a burnout, and you have to make it a point to practice it every single day. There’s no second guessing how good the results of this one small step can be.

These were just a few work life balance tips for employees; stay tuned for more tips and techniques. 

If you are spending almost half your day at work, it is important to make it enjoyable. Practicing mindfulness at work will help you sail through the day without exhausting your mind. Mindfulness has the potential to lift spirits, turn things around and help you find peace as well as happiness when you least expect!

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