7 Tricks to Get a Natural No Makeup Glow

Makeup is fun, but caring for your skin is even better. Here are 5 simple tricks that will help you get that gorgeous skin health and glow you’ve always been craving! So, let's begin with how to get dewy skin without makeup. 


Women all across the globe swear by this simple skin care routine of removing dead skin cells and making way for cell regeneration! Exfoliation leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. But remember to be kind and gentle with your skin when using a face scrub. Depending on your skin type, you can exfoliate your skin once a week or once in 10 days. We suggest using natural homemade face scrubs; if you’re looking for easy DIY face scrub recipes then today is your lucky day! Check out both our most loved DIY Sugar and Oatmeal Face Scrub along with our Pumpkin, Sugar and Spice Face Scrub recipes here! 

Use a Serum

Did you know that Serums penetrate deep into your skin and reverse the causes of skin ageing and skin damage that too at the cellular level? This is why it is super important to add them to your skin care routine. After washing your face, apply one of the best face serums there is and let it work its magic. Serums also have antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins that work to repair the structure of skin cells, increasing skin radiance! Another way on how to get dewy skin without makeup!


If your skin is dry, then you should use a moisturizer after applying your serum. Listen to your skin that’s the best way to get this right. For flawless skin without makeup, this is one of my go-to skincare routines. 


Devote a couple of hours a week at least and you’ll see the difference exercise can bring to your body and skin. It increases blood circulation and delivers more oxygen coupled with nutrients to your skin and can help you build your overall stamina too. That's exactly how to get flawless skin without makeup naturally!

Eat Right + Water

What you ingest affects your outward appearance, and the way your body functions. It isn’t necessary to follow any strict or bizarre diet, all we’re saying is that if you eat right, it will show. If you consume a lot of fried or oily treats or starve yourself, all you’ll get is unhealthy and lifeless skin. So, stick to simple meals, eat lots of veggies, seeds, nuts, yogurt and the likes. Plus, don’t forget to drink loads of water. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to consume 8 glasses of water, these tips should help you.


Catching up on 8 hours of sleep is a must, we’ve spoken about why it’s the next big thing here.


You should apply natural lip balms (like olive oil) that will hydrate your lips and make them look plump and healthy. Another great way to get a no-makeup glow is to simply smile, it just brightens our day for sure.

Hope you liked this one!

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