7 Surprisingly Healthy Facts About Sugarcane!

Have you ever had freshly pressed sugarcane juice? It is the best pick me up drink ever, because of its refreshing taste. Add a few drops of lemon juice to a glass of freshly pressed sugarcane juice and you’ll see what we mean. Besides that, sugarcane juice has a lot of health benefits, and if you thought the sweet juice might be unhealthy, you’ll be quite surprised that it’s the exact opposite! Learn about sugar cane juice nutrition facts with us. 

Boosts Immunity

Thanks to the antioxidants, iron, electrolytes, magnesium, calcium present in sugarcane, it boosts immunity and can also help your body, if you are feeling dehydrated. Another great thing sugarcane does is, it fights cold, flu, fever and other common infections. 

Good for Your Kidney

Sugarcane juice is a diuretic, which means that it ensures your kidneys function at their optimal best. That’s why you might see patients who suffer from urinary tract infections or kidney stones consuming a glass of sugarcane juice, as an additional home remedy.


As the juice of sugarcane is loaded with protein, iron, potassium and carbohydrates; it is the ideal energy health drink. It also builds up plasma and body fluids, which drives away fatigue. So, its best when you drink it after a jog or when the weather turns a little warm. It will pick you right up!

Reduces Weight

Did you know that sugarcane contains zero fat? And because it is naturally sweet, you don’t have to add any additional sugar too. It is also known to reduce the bad cholesterol in your body, making sugarcane juice an aid to weight loss. Sugarcane’s soluble fibers help in managing weight as well.

Even People with Diabetes Can Have it

Since sugarcane juice has a low glycemic index, patients suffering from diabetes can consume it. Studies have shown that the people who consumed sugarcane juice did not indicate any drastic change in their blood glucose levels, which is definitely a good sign. However, it is always best to contact your doctor, if you want to be a 100% sure that you can have it.

Fights Bad Breath

Forget popping those mint pills, just have a glass of sugarcane juice that does so much for your body including the fact that it fights bad breath too!

Cleanses Your System

Besides aiding bowel movement, sugarcane juice also cleanses the body of harmful toxins. This is turn helps manage weight and acts as a detoxifying agent. These are just some of the sugarcane nutrition facts! 

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