5 Superfoods You Should Totally Eat This Fall!

Good health requires healthy food and let’s accept it, when we eat better, we feel better. Nature gives us signs on how we can adapt to every season, all we’ve got to do is listen.

As seasons change, we change the clothes we wear, don’t we? Then why should our diets remain the same throughout the year! There’s a reason why we have fruits that are seasonal, wink wink! You’ve got to find the best possible way to get healthy food to eat every day and we’re here to help. Tip number one being – eat like you really love yourself!

Now, since the temperature is dropping and it’s getting colder by the day, your food choices should ideally heat up. Let me explain, during fall, your body needs fuel to help keep you warm from within. Unless you’re the kind who likes ice-cream even when its minus 20! But hey, even then, you need the right superfoods to help you. Here are a few of our favorites!


Your source of rich antioxidants is here! It is more than just a sweet and tangy fruit; pomegranates are a powerhouse when in comes to antioxidants, vitamin C and folate. You can eat the fruit as is or add it to your favorite salad too. The options are endless if you love this seasonal fruit.


If you already love this fruit, then this is going to be super easy for you. Simply bake or poach a few pears and you’ll get your daily dose of Vitamin C and copper! It is easily available throughout fall, so head on to your local farmer’s market to grab a few.


There are many ways of adding cauliflower to your diet. Whether it is cauliflower rice, or in the form of a soup or even a side dish like mashed potato and cauliflower; you can keep experimenting ways to indulge in this daily food for good health. Cauliflower too is a good source of Vitamin C and they have compounds that are believed to help prevent cancer.

Sweet Potatoes

You love your fries? Then give roasted sweet potatoes a chance too! They’re just as tasty and have so many more benefits. Let me name them for you - starting with the anti-inflammatory benefits, iron, and vitamin A content! Just peel and chop your sweet potatoes or cut them into wedges; then bake them in your oven, sprinkle a little salt and pepper, then indulge!


If you’re looking for a dessert that’s healthy, just try eating a couple of Middle East’s most loved dried fruit – dates! You can have it before or after a meal, chopped up and added to desserts or as a dessert just by itself. It is a good source of potassium and fiber, and guess what its low in? Fat! Including dates in your daily diet is a great way to add some tasty treats this fall.

So, there you go, 5 foods you should eat daily! Remember, every time you eat, it is a chance to nourish yourself. Because a healthy outside starts from inside.

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