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5 Pore Myths We Just Had to Debunk!

If you hate extremely clogged pores, let us tell you that they are essential to your body. Pores let your skin breathe, which is why clogged pores must be cleaned and purified. If either oil, dirt or makeup clog up your pores, there’s a higher chance of breakouts and rashes; and nobody really wants that. We will share ways and the best products to help for clogged pores. 

Maintaining a good skin care routine is a must to avoid extreme clogging of pores. We suggest a skin care routine that includes a cleaner and serum. If you take care of your skin, you can minimize pores, reduce signs of ageing and treat skin pigmentation too.

But before you begin that, let us debunk some pore myths that are doing the rounds.

Myth 1: Pores Close When Exposed to Ice

Let’s understand that pores don’t open and close like windows. They can just become big or small. If impurities are clogging them, then they will appear big, but if they are clean, they will appear smaller. What ice does is it temporarily makes the pores appear smaller, but it cannot completely close your pores for good.

Myth 2: Pores Open with Heat

If you think steam opens up your pores, let us tell you that your pores are always open. That’s why you are able to sweat! What steam does help with is softening the debris and oil, so that you can easily unclog your pores. Yet another pore myth debunked! 

Myth 3: Blackheads Are Dirt

Blackheads may look like dirt, but they are actually dead cells that you have not exfoliated at regular intervals.

Myth 4: You Can Completely Get Rid of Pores

No matter how much you’d like for your pores to just disappear, you can’t ever completely get rid of them. Because if your skin doesn’t have any pores, how will it be able to breathe! Too many pore myths are doing the rounds, lets change them into facts. 

Myth 5: Your Sunscreen Clogs Your Pores

If you think using a sunscreen will clog your pores cause of all the oil and grease; you’ve been misled. Sunscreen formulas have improved over the years and you can most definitely find one that doesn’t have any adverse effect on your pores. Sunscreen helps protect your skin, and stops harmful UV rays from decreasing collagen production. What does collagen do? It helps your skin bounce back! Without collagen your skin starts to slack and your pores will look larger than before.

Hope we’ve cleared all your doubts related to those super essential pores!

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