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5 Health Benefits of Sabja a.k.a Basil Seeds You Never Knew

With a busy lifestyle taking center-stage, eating healthy usually takes a backseat. It’s certainly tempting to eat that bucket of fried chicken, right? But, there’s a quick and easy way of staying full as well as healthy – Sabja a.k.a Basil Seeds. Interested? Read on.

But First What Are Sabja Seeds?

Sabja seeds, also known as Sweet Basil seeds or Tukmaria or Holy Basil, are tiny black oval-shaped seeds that contain loads of nutrients and health benefits. These tiny black seeds are a great snacking option and you’ve probably tasted them somewhere. If you are still having difficulty remembering where you’ve seen them, here’s a little help. They are mostly found in Faloodas or Salads. You’ll mostly find them with a fluffy white gelatinous layer around them. This happens when you soak them in warm water for around 10-15 minutes. (They are also most healthy when consumed this way).

Basil seeds can go with just about any dish. They have no distinctive taste and are perfect as garnishes. They are low in calories but extremely rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants and essential fats. Do note that these are a little difficult to eat raw so it is recommended to either first soak them or add them to a dish while cooking.

Sabja seeds have been used for ages in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine due to their health benefits. Here’s why:

Improves Weight Loss

Yes, you heard that right and no, this isn’t one of *Quick Weight Loss* gimmicks. Sabja seeds contain alpha-linolenic acid. This is a high source of omega 3 fatty acids that help boost metabolism and burn fat. Also, the fiber present in these seeds makes you feel full for a longer period of time which ought to keep you from reaching out for that calorie-filler burger or bucket of ice-cream!

Controls Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

As per the Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, these seeds control the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. This helps in controlling blood sugar in Type 2 Diabetics. Three studies published in renowned journals in Thailand showed that they were even successful in lowering Cholesterol levels.

Kicks Out Stomach Problems

Face digestion issues like constipation, acidity or bloating on a regular basis? It’s certainly time you included Basil seeds in your diet. The diuretic and volatile oils in these seeds neutralize the acidic effect of the HCL produced in your stomach while the fiber acts as a natural laxative to smoothen bowel movement.

Avoids Coughs & Colds

The antispasmodic property in Basil seeds relax the spasmatic muscles, which helps relieve a cough. Vicenin, beta-carotene and orientin are Flavonoids that help strengthen immunity - your body’s defense mechanism. Guess what this does? It keeps that sniffling cold at bay.

Gives You Healthy Skin & Hair

Forget chemical ‘skin treatment’, the best way to get glowing skin is to live a healthy lifestyle. Basil seeds help your body secrete collagen, a protein that helps in the formation of new skin cells. If you remember, we’ve shared a lot of insights about collagen in our article here that you can read here. Iron and vitamin K help in hair growth; they strengthen your hair so that you get a gorgeous and thick mane. So, now you know the benefits of basil leaves for skin.

Get the goodness of Basil seeds in your diet. Add them to a glass of milk, juice, salad or anything else you like or simply munch on them when your travelling and see the difference yourself!  

So, when are you going to add this little wonder to your diet, because now you know the benefits of eating basil leaves daily. Do share your thoughts in the comments below.
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