3 Steps to Developing a Successful Healthy Skin

Maintaining the health of your skin requires a few basics that we most often than not forget. Today, having a healthy skin is far more important than meeting stereotypical expectations. The world has woken up to the fact that beauty lies in health, which in turn helps maintain your skin better than anyone would have ever imagined.

Today, we are going to share three important steps that will help you develop a healthy skin.

Step 1: Skin Routine

Whenever you take care of your skin, remember that you should be gentle with it. Excessive scrubbing, scalding hot baths, harsh chemicals and skin products that don’t suit you must completely stop. Instead have a skin routine that involves pampering your skin with a serum or moisturizer. Also remember to never rub your skin with a towel, but instead use a soft pat dry method whenever you need to dry it.

Step 2: Sun Protection

Early morning sun is good for you and for your body to soak in Vitamin D, but anytime after the first few hours can actually be harmful for your skin, because of the UV rays. The risks involve skin diseases, skin cancer, wrinkles, spots and what not! Using a sunscreen is the easiest way to tackle this problem. You can take this a step further, by wearing a cap and jacket or using a sun umbrella if you spend time outdoors.

Step 3: Healthy Diet and Manage Stress

If there are two things that can change the way your skin looks, then it is definitely healthy eating and managing stress effectively. You can contact a nutritionist or find some of the best fruits to eat for a healthy skin here. And when it comes to managing stress, we believe that these tips work wonderfully!

If you have any tips to share too, let us know in the comments below!


Hi Debbir, it is important to start a healthy skin care routine. We suggest cleansing your face and using a serum right after. For oily skin you can try our Cleanse Serum, for normal skin you can try our Protect Serum, and if you have dry skin you can try our Soothe serum. The high Vitamin C serums have the power to tackle skin concerns. Why don’t you give this a shot and let us know!

Baré Alchemy January 18, 2020

Hi , im 68 years old.My skin is dry and wrinkles.I havent used a toner or serum on my face or neck.I dont like the way im looking but to be honest i dont know how to change my image.Please give me some ideas.

Debbir January 18, 2020

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