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3 Skincare Truths No One Will Tell You

The largest organ of your body is your skin and it’s the first line of defense you have when it comes to facing the environment. That’s a good enough reason to take care of it, don’t you think? Over the years there have been many things that have been said about skincare, some true and some completely false. We are here to tell you some skin care facts that need to be common knowledge. 

We’re here to bust 3 such skincare myths that can completely change how you care for your skin. Let’s get straight to them.

Myth #1 Skincare Should Sting to Be Effective

Whoever said that, didn’t know that there’s a better, painless solution out there.

Now, one of the best things that will stay with you is that ‘you don’t have to damage your skin to force it into a state of recovery.

Any harsh chemical or ingredient that stings you isn't as effective in the long run. Exfoliating your skin or using strong peels to such a degree that your skin cries for help cannot for the love of skin be a good thing.

Be gentle with your skin and use natural ingredients or products that will rejuvenate it, especially serums that contain some of the best skin secrets.

Did you know that hydration is one of the key ways to get your skin’s health back? It has the ability to soothe your skin cells so that you actually enjoy your skincare routine. The world is already a tough place and your skincare routine needn’t be.

Myth #2 Power Ingredients Are Harmful for Sensitive Skin

What if we told you, there’s no such thing as sensitive skin? And it is just people using the wrong products.

After all, it all boils down to the formula. A good formula will use the right ingredients, in the right quantity. Take Baré Alchemy Serums for instance, each product uses Kakadu Plum, which is the world’s richest and most powerful source of Vitamin C. And it doesn’t sting or hurt your skin one bit. Thanks to advanced biochemistry and molecular biology, Baré Alchemy creates water-based Vitamin C serums with some of the world’s best-kept botanical secrets.

All you have to do is understand your skin and find a serum or skincare product that’s perfect for it. This right here is one of the best healthy skin facts there is! 

Myth #3 The More Serum You Apply, the Better

Let’s say you brush your teeth every hour for a week. What do you think will happen? Your gums may start bleeding and the enamel on your teeth might get damaged too. Do you know what would have been a better way to clean your teeth? If you brushed your teeth twice a day for a couple of months or more and continued with your routine. 

Similarly, if you think that using an entire bottle of serum will make your skin perfect overnight, then that’s a problem. Remember, anything in excess is harmful and moderation is the way to go. Sometimes a few drops of the right serum is more than enough to give you visible results!

So, there you go! What are some skincare myths that you’ve busted? Let us know in the comments below. We need to discover beauty skin care facts together! 

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