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3 Quick & Easy Meals For Morning Exercisers

The big question - should one eat or not before a morning workout? And what to eat before workout? What does one eat after a morning workout, to build muscle and not gain fat? So many doubts before hitting the gym after a good night’s sleep! But the right decision will keep you fit & help get that healthy, glowing skin.

Let’s start by dismissing any half-baked truths or myths out there. There’s no real scientific evidence that working out on an empty stomach helps burn fat faster. Everybody is different, but then again don’t abuse your tummy with a binge right before your morning workout!

Here are some meal plans courtesy from us, with love.

For Light Eating: Nuts & Berries

If you want to eat before your workout, light foods like fruits & nuts are a great morning snack. Fruit provides simple sugars that are easy to digest and nuts have essential proteins that are needed to help build that muscle you’re gonna gain with every workout. Plus, what’s amazing is that these are easy to consume - no cooking, just assembly required! They’re super portable as well, you can snack out of a box of assorted nuts or bite an apple as you walk briskly to your gym!

For Medium Appetites: Smoothies & Parfaits

If you love fruit, dairy & the gift of probiotics that comes with every cup of yogurt, then you’ll never even think of skipping this meal! Berry and yogurt parfaits are simple to make & store in a refrigerator. Whip up some good low-fat Greek yogurt with a spoonful of honey or agave syrup, pick some berries, a crisp apple, chop them up to add them to your mix to make the perfect parfait!

If dairy is not your thing, don’t worry. A simple smoothie can do wonders to give you that morning energy fix - fruit sugars are easy to digest & break down to provide instant energy. Pour yourself a finely blended mix of fruits, berries with healthy greens like spinach and kale - you can even add some flax & chia seeds to add fiber!

For Heavy Appetites: Oatmeal, Salads & Energy Bowls

The great thing about oats is how versatile it can be - you can make pumpkin oats overnight & just add fruits, nuts, and seeds & it’s good to go. You can buff it up even further with some protein powder, if you’re looking at some serious gains. You can swap the fruits for some beans & sweet potatoes as well, with a pinch of kosher salt for taste.

Don’t like the taste of oatmeal? Try a quinoa berry salad instead! Cook the quinoa in a pot the night before, chop up fruits. Mix some maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, lime juice, salt in a small jar to make a dressing. Combine the dressing with the quinoa and fruits & mix well for a healthy, wholesome filling meal. The best part is this can be made in a single batch & refrigerated for a couple of days.

There’s another option you might be tempted to dismiss as unhealthy - but given your workout is as intense as your appetite, a peanut butter banana smoothie bowl might just be the answer you’re looking for. The potassium in the banana helps with nerve & muscle function, while the carbs release slow, steady levels of glucose into your bloodstream.

Choose from the above recipes what you feel suits your body & metabolism the best. Some people are down with a simple fruit smoothie, while some love an indulgent peanut butter banana bowl for their morning pick-me-up. Understand your body and find the best pre workout meal timing to indulge in these options and get yourself charged up for the day.

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