Free Shipping for orders over $25 adds Baré Soothe Serum to its list of skincare products that are actually worth your time and cash. 

Skincare is one of the prime focus areas of the beauty industry. While experimenting with make-up is exciting, skincare is all about preventing the skin from damage and not just hiding the imperfections. Taking good care of the skin is important -- not only for appearances (although that sure helps), but because it is the largest organ of our body and it needs to be looked after. To do this, the sheer variety of products to choose from is huge.

This fall season, we are at no shortage. Thanks to our recent obsession with glowing skin and minimalist makeup, skincare brands are putting out a lot of new cleansers, masks, toners, and serums. We’re spoilt for choice here. So to make life easy, we tried a whole bunch of new skincare products to see which ones are worth the buck. Some of them are definitely pricey, but honestly, If you’re invested in your skincare, it might be worth it.

BARE Soothe Day/Night Serum

This brand new face serum boasts of Kakadu Plum, an Australian fruit that has the highest amount of antioxidants on the planet. It is the perfect marriage of natural ingredients with synthetic ones. The serum is mellow and lightweight on your skin, yet it advances cell repair and leaves your skin feeling new and delicate. The Soothe serum is ideal for dry and delicate skin.

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