Baré is the secret to the looks at Berta Spring 2018 Bridal Fashion Week show. 


The most anticipated 2018 BERTA F/W couture bridal show surpassed everyone’s expectations. A runway show like nothing else, it took New York Bridal Fashion Week to another level. The zeal, magic, and quality of the bridal couture creations left the audience in awe.  

Everyone in the audience was left breathless as the stunning BERTA creations walked down the runway. A mix of elegance, sparkle, sexiness, and glamour, the models looked flawless. With their glowing skin and smiling faces, they left the crowd speechless.

Bare Alchemy’s face serum gave their skin that radiant look that added to their grace and glamour. The lightweight serum gave their skin the nourishment it needed to look fresh and runway ready.


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