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Australian Outback Exotica!

At the Indie Beauty Event in NYC we found Barè Alchemy Bespoke Natural Extracts Serums.

The first thing that caught our eye was the packaging: A teardrop shaped bottle. The tall stoppers are as attention catching as the bottles–apportioning the serums with a remarkable spatula molded dropper tip.

we just included the tear molded oil diffuser in the photograph above to emphasize the shape and the regular characteristics (it is excluded).

Baré Alchemy serums are water based and mixed with the Australian super fruit, Kakadu Plum, the natural source of the most highest amount of Vitamin C and anti antioxidants on the planet, and an array of extracts from the indigenous people of Australia.

There are three unique serums: for normal, dry, and oily skin. We tested two: Protect (a day and night serum for normal skin) with Kakadu plum and caviar lime in addition to botanicals like pomegranate and combretum bloom .

Soothe is a  Day/Night Serum for Dry/Sensitive Skin) with kakadu plum, aloe vera, argan and almond oils, and rose hips.

Both of these serums were immediately absorbed by the skin to help advance cell repair and hydration. While we especially enjoyed smooth "Soothe for Dry and Sensitive skin, the clear gel-like Protect hydrated and plumped up our skin similarly.



While we're not generally enthused about giving a solitary skincare item as an occasion blessing gift idea, these are so cool they're a thumbs up for this holiday for a skincare focused friend.

Gift yourself with one of these cool bottles with amazing Australian botanicals and women-power focus. Visit

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