Infused with the goodness of rare Australian botanicals, engineered to deliver at a molecular level and free from petroleum

Highest Natural Vitamin C on the planet

Serums with the Exceptional Kakadu Plum

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Rehydrate dry skin this season

This ultra-light, water-based formulation, is engineered to lock in moisture your skin craves this time of the year. Vitamin C, E and naturally derived ferulic acid further add dollops of nourishment.

Baré Soothe Serum

Dare to be you



The Apothecary

At our Apothecary in Sydney, we extract and combine some of the most potent botanicals and minerals on the planet. Working closely with the ingredients that we use right from the growing stage to bottling, we are able to continuously innovate to improve your skin health.

High Performance Serums

Baré products use advanced bio-chemistry and molecular biology to act on your skin at the cellular level, providing essential nutrients and stimulating cell activity to replenish cells and actually repair cellular structure for healthy, glowing skin.

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To Those Who Dare

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Beatrix Satiawan 23

"I have oily skin and I wanted something to help keep my pores clear"

After: Clarify Serum

"I’ve been using this product for three months now and my skin looks smoother and my pores are definitely smaller"

Michelle Sutton 51

"My skin is sensitive and I can't use most products out there as they react harshly"

After: Soothe Serum

“My skin is more moisturized, more even, and my eczema patches are gone. I‘m loving it.”

Christina Phillips 33

"I would love to reduce the spots on my skin"

After: Protect Serum

"I never thought I would see the spots that I had since a teenager start to go away. I'm thrilled!"

Shirley Bareman 56

Rosacea gives me bouts of redness and parches my skin

After: Soothe Serum

“My skin is smoother, it’s less red and just feels like it’s repairing. I’m happy with the results.”

Protect Serum

For Normal Skin

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Soothe Serum

For Dry/Sensitive Skin

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Clarify Serum

For Oily Skin

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